We measure many things in meter everyday but do we know the idea & struggle behind the definition of One Meter.

How french academy of science adopted the standard ?

How one after another changes in definition reach on the door step of Speed of Light?

You’ll find all this in the video.

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Do you really understand the difference between Mass & Weight ?

Do you know that weighing machine measure Mass or Weight ?

Why is it hard to push a big car rather than a toy car ?

Find out these on this video with suitable examples.


For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.

We all have heard this statement many times but do we really understand the depth of it?

This video explain Newton’s Third Law in detail with plenty of suitable animated examples.

There is a problem in the last of the video. Feel free to take a look at that.

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We use the term one second everyday but do we really know how long is One Second?

Check out this video and find out.

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